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Welcome to Blackwell Sports Cars.


We have developed a new design of kit car that combines the MK1 MX5 platform with a more modern exotic supercar look. The MK1 was produced from 1990 to 1998 in many variations and can be purchased at a reasonable price. With examples in the classifieds ranging from £300 - £2000 this gives the SPR1 a very attractive final build price tag for its look. The MX5 is no stranger to the scene for providing a wide range of aftermarket modifications. From interior to Engine upgrades, turbo charging and V6 engine conversions we believe that this provides the perfect donor vehicle. 


The Blackwell SPR1 conversion has been well received within the kit car industry and the company is now a recognised manufacturer on the National Kit Car database.


The SPR1 has a completely unique look which stands out from other re body kits that offer replicas of supercar models. Available as a fastback coupe. We felt the market needed something new and designed the SPR1. Just the start of future plans.


By replacing the outer body panels with either bolt or bond on items you will be able to bring a tired looking vehicle into the 21st century.




A complete panel set fitted to the donor car and finished 

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