Left: Not everyone likes gadgets. Sometimes simplicity is better. This is the reason we decided to modify the door moulds enabling the kit to use rear door handles from the Fiat Grande Punto

Blackwell Sports Cars


Below: The first generation SPR1 used a bespoke rear screen. We decided to remodel the rear end to use an off the shelf item from an Audi TT MK1 as well as hinges from the Mazda MX5 MK3 that have gas rams built in. First we had to encorporate the rear screen into the vehicle then take a mould of the new layout. Once this was completed we started working on a scale model to ensure everything worked as it should. We decided to make an inner frame with captive inserts for the lock striker and hinges. This gives the car a much more OEM feel to the hatch area and a much more desirable finish.


Right: Give your SPR1 that OEM look behind the wheels with a 4 pot upgrade. Using Subaru Impreza brake calipers and custom made brackets. We simply remove some of the letters cast into the caliper to match the kit brand. A great way of fooling people into believing this is no kit car but an factory built sports car.

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